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Life has thrown all sorts of twists and turns at her but despite the challenging past Letitia Kapuscinska (aka Madame Kapuscinska) has remained victorious.

A Mrs England beauty pageant runner-up, singer, songwriter and actress, Letitia has managed to create a path for herself in the highly-saturated entertainment industry. Describing her upbringing as both pleasant and dysfunctional at the same time, Letitia was raised by a single mother and did not meet her biological father until she was five-years-old.

Following unsuccessful attempts at X-Factor and The Voice, she formed Kapuscinscy Empire Music Production through which she releases her own music. Becoming an independent artiste has allowed her the opportunity to keep the boat rocking and live on the edge.

For her music she draws inspiration and creativity from life as a whole, picking up on the sometimes less obvious. “Everything connects to a vibration – I travel within that. I hum, sing, write poetry, scream and dance. I guess being bipolar allows me to explore different parts of my being.”

Though heavily influenced by the 80's, Madame Kapuscinska manages to combine her retro sound and themes with doses of modernity by infusing electro, pop and hip hop into her music. Combining the ability to be current while maintaing an anachronistic nature separates her from today's crop of musicians. Describing herself as an “80's baby”, she has so far released two Eps, Transcendence and I Am That I Am Worldwide, and 5 singles: Little Star, Soul Speaking, Words Scar, You're My Angel and Something.

Having been diagnosed as bipolar, she remains an avid mental health campaigner, and is also the lead signer of MAD (Musicians Against Depression). The passion to raise the profile of mental health issues saw her recently take part in a social experiment live on Venus TV, in which she volunteered and raised money for musicians with depression.

Another major television appearance she had was on Channel 5's Rich Kids Go Skint. Of the experience she said: “It was frustrating and overwhelming. I was trying to conquer my fears by letting people into my home and seeing me bare and how I live.

“At times I am just generally so high on the joy of life that I am grateful for what I have. I try do the best I can to be happy but at first I was hesitant and felt like I had to be false. I felt like I couldn't say how I really felt. Then I decided to stop thinking just do it.”

A big believer in education, she is currently rounding up a Master's degree in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management. “I would love to have my own university one day, where I can deliver the best therapeutic education for people that are gifted and creative. People that are just unique of their own right. Education is key and life is lifelong learning. Sometimes (or most times) the real teacher is the student. Through turmoil to triumph seems to be the overall feeling.”

As a singer she has won many awards including: Best upcoming artist C-hub Award 2016, Best performer C-hub Award 2017, C-hub Award Best Singer/Performer 2018. She was a finalist for Women in Creativity and is up for a Rising Star Award at Divas of Colour 2019. Additionally she received an Honorary Award and be inducted to the WAW (Women Appreciating Women) hall of fame by Dr Pauline Long, as well as be published in the WAW '100 MOST INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN IN THE WORLD' book. She was also awarded Beautiful Survival World Honours (2019)

Amongst her other accomplishments are being the lead singer-songwriter for feature film Gatwick Gangsters (2017), Music Director for Return of the Don (2016) and an acting role in Dead Destination (2018).

Alongside her artistic roles as a singer songwriter. She is a writer, business mentor, consultant, performance coach, motivational speaker, complementary therapist casting director and amongst her creative entrepreneurship flare also had her own lipgloss line produced Letitia Antoinette. She is married with two children, both boys.

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